Kathryn Harker Tillman
Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bellamy 526
Dr. Tillman's current research focuses on the educational and behavioral outcomes of youth/adolescents, the adaptation of immigrant youth, and the importance of family contexts for individual development and well-being. She is also engaged in an examination of the ways in which researchers have conventionally defined and measured the "family," and an exploration of alternatives that may more closely reflect the realities of our changing society.

More Information

Research Interest

Families and Adolescents
Immigration Adaptation
Race and Ethnicity
Social Demography


Dissertation Research (SYA6980)
Reporting Sociological Research (SYA 5516)
Maj. Doc. Preliminary Exam (SYA 8962)
Sociological Research Practicum (SYA 5515)
Directed Individual Study (graduate level) (SYA5907)
Family Problems and Social Change (SYO3100)
Master's Paper Research (SYA5971)
Race and Minority Group Relations (SYD4700)
The Boundaries between Us: Exploring Racial Inequality in the U.S (IFS 2034)
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (SYA 5305)
Directed Individual Study (undergraduate level) (SYA4905)
E-series:Exploring Racial Inequality (ISS2937)
Changing Families: Family Demography (SYO5177)
Directed Individual Study (graduate level) (SYA5909)
Social Science Honors Seminar: Race in the U.S (ISS2937)
Master's in Demography Research Practicum (DEM5972)
Preparation for Major Area Preliminary Exam (SYA8967)
Undergraduate Honors Work (SYA4931)
Introduction to Research Methods (SYA 5305)
Senior Seminar (AMS4935)
Undergraduate Honors Research (SYA4931)
Applied Demographic Research (DEM5930)
Special Topics in Demography (DEM5930)
Selected Topics in Sociology (SYA4930)
Selected Topics in Sociology (SYA6933)

Education and Professional Experience

Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology, Florida State University, 2015-present.
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Florida State University,2009-present.
Research Associate, Center for Demography & Population Health,Florida State University, 2003-present.
Ph.D. 2003 Sociology. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Selected Papers and Publications

For an up-to-date list of publications visit Professor Tillman's Curriculum Vitae.