John Taylor
Associate Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., Univ. of Miami
Bellamy 618
Studies social stress, ethnicity and health, and social psychological factors in health and well-being. His recent work has examined the role of early adolescent self-derogation in problem behaviors in young adulthood. His current projects include a paper that evaluates age contingent effects as an underlying factor in the explanation of the "Cost of Caring" hypothesis, and a study on the significance of physical limitations in the fear of being victim of crime.

More Information

Research Interest

Sociology of Mental Health and Psychiatric Epidemiology
Ethnicity and Health
Social Stress and the Stress Process


Medical Sociology
Epidemiological Methods
Ethnicity and Health
Introduction to Research Methods

Education and Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Florida State University (2007-present)

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Florida State University (2001-2007)

Research Associate, Center for the Study of Population, Florida State University (2001-present)

Ph.D. in Sociology with specialization in Medical Sociology, University of Miami (FL), 2000.

Selected Papers and Publications

Sischo, Lacey, John Taylor, and Patricia Yancey Martin. 2006. “Carrying the Weight of Self-Derogation? Eating Disordered Practices as Social Deviance in Young Women.” Deviant Behavior 27:1-30.

Lloyd, Donald A. and John Taylor. 2006. “Lifetime Cumulative Adversity, Mental Health, and the Risk of becoming a Smoker.” Health 10(1):95-112.

Taylor, John, Donald A. Lloyd, and George J. Warheit.2005. “Self-Derogation, Peer Factors, and Drug Dependence among a Multiethnic Sample of Young Adults.” Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse 15(2):39-51.

Eliassen, A. Henry, John Taylor and Donald A. Lloyd. 2005. “Subjective Religiosity and Depression in the Transitions to Adulthood.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion44:187-99.

Turner, R. Jay, John Taylor, and Karen Van Gundy. 2004. “Personal Resources and Depression in the Transition to Adulthood: Ethnic Comparisons.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 45:34-52.

Taylor, John and R. Jay Turner. 2002. "Perceived Discrimination, Social Stress, and Depression in the Transition to Adulthood: Racial Contrasts." Social Psychology Quarterly 65:213-225.

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