The William J. Serow Fund

William J. Serow, Professor of Economics at Florida State University from 1981 until his untimely death in 2003, and Director of the Center for the Study of Population from 1990 to 2003, dedicated an important part of his professional life to preparing students for careers in Applied Demography. Friends and colleagues from all over the United States have generously donated funds to the FSU Foundation to establish a scholarship in his honor. Special thanks to Betty Serow and Erika Serow for their continued support and to all the friends, colleagues, and family members who have made contributions in memory of Bill.

The fund has grown to allow for two awards:

  • The Serow Prize of $1,000 recognizes a student in the Master of Science in Demography program for outstanding performance and high potential for continued success in Applied Demography. The winner is selected in early spring, based on faculty evaluations at the end of the first semester of graduate study.
  • The Serow Scholarship is a $3,000 award to a promising student to help cover tuition in the Master of Science in Demography program. The winner is announced at the start of the first (fall) semester of graduate study. The inaugural presentation of the Serow Scholarship will be in August, 2015.

Serow Prize Winners

  • 2006 Adam Willett
  • 2007 Carlos Diaz
  • 2008 Heather Mauney
  • 2009 Darryl Crawford
  • 2010 Dillon Simon
  • 2011 Christina Hayford
  • 2012 Lauren Bowers
  • 2013 Monica Whatley
  • 2014 Collin McCarter
  • 2015 Stephanie Hernandez
  • 2016 Colleen Rawson
  • 2017 Nathan Chase
  • 2018 Maggie Brandenburg
  • 2019 Brennen Fugate
  • 2020 Jonathan Trimble

Serow Scholarship Recipients

  • 2015 Stuart Klein
  • 2016 Nathan Chase
  • 2017 Alex Henesy
  • 2018 Logan Burch
  • 2019 Brennen Fugate
  • 2020 Melis Balta