Prospective Students

CDPH offers a one-year graduate program leading
to the Master of Science degree in Demography and
a two-year graduate program leading to joint Master
of Science degrees in Planning and Demography
. Doctoral
students in affiliated departments who seek specializations
in Demography or Population Health may do so under the
direction of a CDPH Research Associate.

Masters of Science Degree in Demography

CDPH is one of the few programs in the United States and the only program in Florida to offer a Master's degree in Demography (MSD). The one-year MSD program emphasizes demographic practice. The curriculum provides students firm grounding in demographic techniques and the statistical analysis of demographic data, in preparation for careers in federal, state, and local government agencies or for positions in the many private-sector firms that depend on demographic expertise. Get more information on the MSD degree.

Joint Degree in Planning and Demography

In conjunction with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, CDPH offers a two-year joint degree program in Planning and Demography, leading to the MSD and MSP degrees. The programs' complementary emphases provide important professional options to students considering public- or private-sector careers in Planning or Demography. Get more information on the joint degee program.

Combined BS/BA/MS Degree

This program allows academically talented FSU undergraduates to complete a Bachelor's degree in any major and the Master of Science degree in Demography in a faster-than-normal time-frame. Get more information on the Combined BS/BA/MS degree.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students may earn a Ph.D. in Economics, Sociology, or Urban and Regional Planning under the direction of a CDPH Research Associate. CDPH Associates direct doctoral students through programs in their home departments, including social demography, population economics, health and aging, and environmental planning. Get more information on doctoral training in demography.



To be considered for either of these scholarships you must submit your application by April 15th.

  • The Serow Scholarship: $3,000 towards tuition awarded at the beginning of the first (fall) semester of study in the MS program
  • The CDPH Scholarship: a six-hour per semester tuition waiver for two semesters (FL residents or ACM students only) A student's undergraduate GPA and GRE scores will be considered in awarding one of these scholarships.